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Inglewood Community and Mobility Research

Project Brief

Aim and Desired Outcome


The Arroyo Group of Pasadena and the City of Inglewood brought to ArtCenter College of Design the challenge to Design an advanced transit system to link the Crenshaw metro station to the Forum and the upcoming NFL Stadium in Inglewood. And while doing so, enhance general redevelopment to create a higher quality of urban experience for residents and visitors.

Research Goals

Rediscovering Inglewood


As a team of 3 Designers, we were challenged to understand the needs and pain-points of the City of Inglewood by studying its residents, business owners, and visitors. And then design the best possible mobility service system that would maintain the core culture of the city and uplift the economy.

Who are the potential Stakeholders?

How will the Inglewood Revitalization plans affect the society and community fabric?

What are the socioeconomic challenges that the community faces?

What are some of the major economic drivers in Inglewood?

What are the possible transit options for the near and future development?

How can a mobility solution address all these problems and preserve the community's interest?


Inglewood Secondary Research

Case Studies

Flushing out already published data through  Research Articles, and academic and white papers.

Developing and building context around the research areas and backing it up with data is very important to ground the research done and build on after taking into consideration every available perspective of the problem. Secondary Research is conducted to extract data, widen the scope and strength of the research.

Bench marking

Studying all the possible Advanced Modes of Transportation possible for design reference

Knowing what exists today in the world of advanced modes of transportation and studying their pros and cons is crucial before designing and brainstorming ideas for such a project.

Field Studies and Ethnography

Preliminary Field Visits, Documentation, and User Behavioral Observations

Conducting preliminary field visits for observations and documentation of user behaviors and area mapping the space is really important before conducting primary qualitative research. This ensures to capture all the necessary perspectives and views of the problem space in question.

Stakeholder Interviews and Discussions

Structured Qualitative Interviews, Quantitative Surveys, User Documentation

Conducting Primary Research and getting to know the stakeholders and their pain points is the most important weapon in a designer's artillery. Design is all about asking the right questions. The stakeholders interviewed were Inglewood locals and residents, business owners, visitors, and policy experts.

Inglewoo Primry Research

Business Owner

I’m glad that I can support African American businesses in Inglewood

Tourist / Visitor

I hesitate to go to a new place if it is unfamiliar”

Visitor / Tourist

When we look for a place to visit, we usually use social media and check the comments.

Inglewood Local

Inglewood is a place that African-American people can comfortably live in L.A

Inglewood Local

When I go to stores, most of the people there know my name. That is a beautiful feeling.

Inglewood Local

When I go to stores, most of the people there know my name. That is a beautiful feeling.

Business Owner

Market street has a Mom and Pop feel which is very native to Inglewood.

Tourist / Visitor

All the attractions we visited were suggested by our Airbnb host.

Inglewood Insights

Affinity Analysis and Coding |  Insights and Opportunities

Formulating Insights and Opportunities by Affinity Analysis and Coding Methods

After all the data from available resources are collected, the next step is Affinity Analysis. This is done by KJ Method to read between the lines, extract user behaviors and understand their mental model to define all the opportunity spaces for Ideation. Post-It notes and quick sketching are designer's best friend while doing this process. Clusters of information are segregated into emerging human behavioral themes, and Insights and opportunities are formed from them and reworded accurately for Design Ideation.