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In brief

Autodesk WorkshopXR

An immersive XR workspace for the AEC industry

Extended Reality, Digital Design

2020 - present


Product vision

User Research

UX strategy

Concept visuals

Experience design


Prototyping & Testing

Product guidelines


Unreal Engine





Adobe Premier Pro




Meta Quest platform

Desktop / PC

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I joined Autodesk in 2020 as the founding designer for a small 5-person R&D team which was tasked to explore XR initiatives that would benefit the company's portfolio in the long run. Our mandate was to advice on which technologies to leverage and where to invest in when it comes to building XR workflows, and then establish a signature XR experience across multiple product platforms & diverse industries that Autodesk caters to. 

Our R&D work led us to first focus on the Architecture, Engineering, & Construction (AEC) industry and design a collaborative XR design review solution for the AEC market. We soon evolved from a 5 person R&D unit to a 45 strong, full-fledged product team, which also included the acquisition of a startup company called The Wild. And with that acquisition came 2 XR products - The Wild and Prospect by IrisVR. Leveraging the years of experience & learnings from both these legacy products, and by partnering with Meta and Epic Games, we built our next-generation product, Autodesk WorkshopXR, which offers an unique collaborative design review experience, which is tightly integrated to the Autodesk Platform via the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC).

Autodesk WorkshopXR was launched on November 13, 2024, at the Autodesk University 2023, Las Vegas, USA.

Learn more about Autodesk WorkshopXR 

Product Website

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Create Workshops linked to your data in the Autodesk Construction Cloud

Select Model.png

WorkshopXR allows you to create multiple collaborative spaces (workshops) to review ACC data.

Come together in a comfortable virtual environment

Meet & greet your team mates and collaborators inside the Workshop.

Have a round-table discussion about your project as a whole

Load & review the largest BIM models in VR without any preparation or optimization to your files whatsoever.

Walkthrough and experience your BIM models at human scale

Jump into 1:1 mode and have a collaborative walkthrough of the model in human scale.

Inspect & analyze BIM data in context for better alignment

Collaboratively inspect your designs in space

Access model meta-data and properties of all BIM components in space.

Find, create, review, & track Issues in real-time

Easily create & assign Issues which are bidirectionally synced to ACC. Teleport and review the Issue in space.

Manage visibility settings & filter what you see

Hide / Unhide any element as needed by selectively toggling visibility settings for all BIM component of you AEC model

Review the most complex AEC models with ease

Load & review the largest BIM models in VR without any preparation or optimization to your files whatsoever.

Hear testimonies from our enterprise customers

Autodesk WorkshopXR is being widely adopted by our enterprise AEC customers and we are helping to revolutionize the design review workflows of some of the most renowned names in the Architecture and Construction realm. Using WorkshopXR, they are able to put new features and enhancements directly into action, increase their productivity, and save considerable amount of time, effort, & cost for each of their projects.

It's always amazing to see your designed products making a difference in your customers' lives. But it's certainly a privilege to hear it directly from them! Following videos give a glimpse of how our next-gen product is helping some of our enterprise customers in their everyday work. 

Stantec finds new flow with XR

HKS Explores New XR Collaboration Opportunities

AtkinsRéalis Discovers XR Workflow Benefits

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