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A Multi-Modal Transportation Mobility System

The Arroyo Group of Pasadena is tasked with a project aimed at the  Revitalization of Downtown Inglewood area in Los Angeles before the new Rams NFL stadium is completely built in 2019. We were challenged to study the downtown area and design an Advanced Transportation Solution to link the Crenshaw metro station to the Forum and the upcoming NFL Stadium in Inglewood.

The City of Champions

Inglewood is well known as the City of Champions. It all started with the 1932 Olympic Marathon Race coming through The city and three of Inglewood High School’s alumni becoming Olympic winners. Since then Inglewood is known for the Hollywood Park Horse Race track and the Los Angeles Rams. The Forum was built in the late 60s and became home of the LA Lakers, Kings Hockey team, and Tennis by the strings. History was made and Inglewood has a rich heritage. . .

. . . But today, a lot has changed!


Community input is being encouraged and incorporated into the redevelopment planning process, but there are still people in the community who don’t know about the project and don’t feel involved. This uncertainty about the redevelopment project and its impact on the community is causing them to be fearful of the Government. There is a general Distrust that exist among the locals against their City Government.

How can we put Inglewood back on the map?


By improving the image of Inglewood outside the community.

Economical and feasible to implement

Facilitate user defined experiences, cater to customer centered needs

Help local businesses to grow and flourish

Design Criteria for a Transportation System Solution

Meet the peak and off-peak demand, especially during Game days.

Reduce automobile traffic inside Inglewood

Accessible for everyone

A Multi-Modal System Design that delivers seamless User Experience

The Champion's Mile

Scenic, Dynamic, Evolving, Ever-Lasting


A mile long scenic walkway, connecting the Metro station to the Forum and the new NFL stadium, that encourages residents and tourists to walk, bike and enjoy different activities and views around Inglewood while commuting, as well as helps in creating jobs and employment.

The C-Link

On-Demand, Spacious, Comfortable, Fun


An autonomous double decker bus system which runs on the Champion’s Mile during game days and acts like a demand bus service during non-game days throughout Inglewood. It serves as an alternate mode of transportation as well as a symbolic representation unique to Inglewood.

The Champion's Mile


Tribute to the Historic and Nostalgic Past


Visitors are introduced to the historic and glorious past of Inglewood through Graffiti, Art, Installations, and monuments throughout the Champion's Mile. This helps to change the perception of Inglewood among Los Angelenos and other visitors.


Multi-Modal Transit Network


The Champoin's Mile provides a safe and encouraging multi-modal transportation network for walking, biking, cars and buses. This is achieved by managing the traffic, providing additional parking lots, and offering additional designated lanes for different modes of transportation.


Scenic, Everlasting, Preserves Economy


The Champion's mile is designed to give back to the community and preserve the existing economy. It also aims at creating different job opportunities for empowering youth, and promises a truly connected and sharing community. It also aims to provide health and wellness benefits for the people in the community by providing greenery, walking, and biking routes.

The Champion's Mile on Game Day
Champion's Mile
The C-Link
The Champion's Mile

The Champion's Mile

Job Opportunities and Empowerment


The Champion’s Mile acts as a multi-purpose platform dedicated for community well-being, tourist attraction and empowering the community by providing job opportunities and financial aid to people.

The C - Link


Autonomous and Iconic

An autonomous Double Decker bus transit service which runs on the Champion’s Mile during game days and acts like a demand bus service during non-game days throughout Inglewood. It serves as an alternate mode of transportation as well as a symbolic representation unique to Inglewood.


High Capacity On-Demand Service


The C-Link or Champion's Link is designed for maximum capacity to function during Game days as a point-to-point service, and on normal days as a demand bus service. It is made to embody the NFL Game spirit of trailer-park parties and entertainment and also has an in-built bar especially for Game Days.


City Run Free Transit, Supporting Businesses


The C-Link also provides the visitors and people outside Inglewood with information about local businesses, cafes, eateries, and other hot-spots. It also has designated stops near popular businesses and public areas during game days throughout the Champion's Mile for easy access at all times.

Vehicle Requirements

Capacity of each vehicle                                                                                  :            130-150

Maximum speed                                                                                                :           25mph

Time taken for each passenger one way (During Game Day)                       :           15-16 min

Total passenger flow every 10 min from the Metro station                            :           1080
to the Forum / NFL stadium

50% of this population can be moved by using just 10 vehicles ( 2 running every 5 min)

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