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Envisioning the future of On-Demand Urban Air Transportation

UBER Elevate aims to demonstrate it's first on-demand urban air transportation service to the public in 2020. As a multidisciplinary team of 5 designers, we were challenged to envision this future by designing the complete user experience for a holistic system including eVTOLs, Waterports and a Mobile app interface aimed at delivering a safe, hassle-free, and seamless experience for busy commuters in Dubai, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

This project was presented on May 9th of 2018 at the Uber Elevate Summit, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

Uber Elevate

Uber Elevate

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A Holistic System Design that delivers seamless User Experience

The Mobile Interface

One-Stop Travel Solution in Your Pocket


An interface which offers a quick on-demand upscale experience that is accurate, transparent, and flexible to meet your various needs.

The Water Port

Quick, Safe, and Hassle-free Transfer Experience


A modular and scalable terminal designed to allow commuters to quickly transfer and travel by minimizing required procedures and provide a seamless connected experience.

The eVTOL Vehicle

Affordable , Convenient, and Tranquil Flight Experience


An ideal on-demand flight experience that adds value and time into your daily life.

The Uber-Air Mobile Interface

Uber Air Mobile

Step 01


Book your Travel

An user friendly mobile interface which allows you to choose your destination, skip the traffic, and reach where you want to be within minutes.

Invision Prototype

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Uber eVTOL Design

The Aurora eVTOL Vehicle Design

eVTOL Vehicle

Electric Lift and Cruise Marvel


An electric vehicle with the ability to takeoff and land anywhere. A new and improved lift and cruise design with one forward propeller and eight upward propellers.


Futuristic and Elevated Design


A Design Language which mimics Uber's brand principles, and looks futuristic, elevated, clean, welcoming, and safe. A design which aspires to maximize the experience of the customers.

Interior Experience

Comfortable, Convenient, and Enjoyable


A five seat cabin layout designed to maximize space, luxury, luggage capacity, and balance weight. Aesthetically appealing and comfortable interiors with a 360 degree enjoyable view.

  • Breathable Fabric Seat Designs

  • Noise Cancellation Headphones

  • Pull-up Privacy Dividers

  • Top-to -Bottom Door Windows

Uber Waterport Design

The Water-Port Design

Skyport Identity

Floating Water-Front Terminals


Dubai based one stop arrival and departure transfer terminal built out into the sea, and well connected by land and air. A design which offers easy access and high throughput with ease.

Terminal Design

Futuristic, Modular, and Scalable


A two floor modular yet self sustaining design with a futuristic and elevated aesthetic feel and form. Complete with a TLOF, 3 parking pads, maintenance, and charging stations.

User Experience

Easily Navigable, Safe, and Celebrated


An user friendly layout easily self navigable, welcoming, awe inspiring and functional. A design which maximizes safety, clarity, and organization and minimizes risk, cost, and time.

  • Organized Waiting Areas

  • Clear indicators for Boarding

  • Comfortable seatings

Clear directions and notifications provided on your phone when its time to board

Client Presentations


2018 Uber Elevate Summit Presentation Video

View  the Entire Slide Deck below

Summit Ppt

Ajay Menon, Remi Plewe, Astha Vagadia, Geemay Chia, Thomas Wibowo


ArtCenter College of Design

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