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Core Culture

Grounded and Populist


Uber Elevate aims to preserve the fundamental core nature of its parent company in being Grounded and Populist. It aims at provide an upscale but affordable way of commuting for everyone. And it aspires to elevate our daily commuting experience by providing an inspiring and seamless user experience through Uber Air.


Inspiring, Seamless, and Interconnected


Uber is seen by many as a disruptive and cutthroat mobility leader because of its continued focus on ambitious innovations. Being an affordable, reliable and easy to use ride-sharing service provider, it now aims to develop a truly interconnected and fast means of travel for everyone.


Highly Evolved and Elevated


Uber remains as one of the fastest growing mobility leader due to its completely adaptable and flexible ride-sharing service, and its continued focus in developing newer and ambitious innovation which allows it to be highly evolved in comparison to any other company. With Uber Elevate, it aims at pushing this culture to the next level and bring about a revolution in transportation.



Who are the Stakeholders for this project and what are the motivational values that drive them?

Future Scaping

Future Trend Analysis

Forecasting Future Scenarios to identify Design and Business Opportunities

Analyzing 'STEEP' data to find logical inter-connectivity of trends to forecast implications of future scenarios in terms of time and likelihood

Future Mapping

Brainstorming Mind maps to Identify Future Economic Opportunities

Further exploring the 'STEEP' data to find logical inter-connectivity of future economic opportunities and forecast implications of future scenarios in terms of time and likelihood. Future Mapping is useful in quickly identifying economic scenarios of the near future which in turn informs the design procedure, resulting in stability and feasibility of the design.

Design Challenge

An eVTOL vehicle and a Water-Front Vertiport based in Dubai

As a team, we were faced with a challenge of working with the Aurora eVTOL vehicle and a Waterport based in Dubai, and thereby design a complete holistic user experience for all the stakeholders.

Aurora eVTOL

Front Egress, Lift and Cruise, Low Wing


A vehicle with eight lift rotors, one cruise propeller, and a wing, designed to operate as an on-demand, hub-to-hub service between designated vertiports. A fully electric system with thrice the capability and efficiency of a multi-copter aircraft.


Quick, Easy access, Hassle-Free


A Dubai based floating water-front vertiport with the capability of being modular, scalable, and easy to access. An unique one-stop terminal which offers hassle-free transfer for busy commuters coupled with a seamless and elevated experience.

Uber Research

User Experience Scenarios and Design Considerations

Mobile and Web Interface

Seamless, Easy to Use, and User Friendly

Passenger Registration

  • How do current Uber Riders sign up for the Uber Elevate service?

  • How would Background Checks be conducted?

  • How would you confirm passenger's identity?

Scheduling a Flight

  • What is the best user experience in scheduling a flight?

  • How can Uber provide a customized and personal booking experience?

Qualitative Interviews

To truly understand the need of our stakeholders and users, we conducted qualitative interviews of flight experts and people living in Dubai. These interviews were conducted in person or through skype calls and were structured using discussion guides.

" Vast majority of people who would spend money in Dubai would be the affluent Emiratis and residents or tourists. Workers in Dubai would never spend money, we’re here to earn money not spend it on luxuries."

A Nanny in Dubai

A Nanny in Dubai


Mood Boards

Inspiration, Design Language, Context, Ideas

Mood-boards or Inspiration Boards are physical or digital collage of ideas which help to convey different moods, ideas, color schemes, materials, feelings, and visions which are otherwise difficult to convey verbally. This is a great way to put forward your design ideas, win pitches and get an early sign-off.